Craft Room Organization: My Polymer Clay Toolbox

polymer clay organization

Nothing impedes my creativity like searching for a tool that I need. Currently my  “craft room” constitutes a bedroom closet, so my supplies need to be extra organized in their small space. I also needed something portable because I do my polymer clay crafting in my living room. My solution?  I found these stack-able plastic containers at Target and combined two towers into one really big tower.

I love my toolbox, lemme show you what’s inside:


On the first tier I store all my clay tools such as; a rolling pin, large cookie cutters, plastic knives, head pins, and a toothbrush for texturing.


The second level holds all my silicon clay molds and metal cookie cutters. I love all the little shapes.


In the third box I store my glazes, bake and bond, and baby wipes. I’ve found using baby wipes before working with clay is the best way to keep it dirt and dust free.

craft room organization polymer clay tool box (7)

Next is my blocks of clay stored in rainbow order (of course). Whenever there is a sale at the craft stores I stock up on colors for The Tiny Bee Fimo, is the brand I use almost exclusively. #notafanofsculpey

craft room organization polymer clay tool box (9)This is my scrap clay tier. Polymer clay wont harden if left unwrapped, but I store my scraps in small zip lock baggies to prevent color contamination.


I use a lot of white and black so I buy these in bulk using a 40% off coupon at JoAnn’s or Michaels. You can find the bulk sizes on the shelves below the colorful clay displays.

Do you have any clay storage tips? Share them below in the comments.

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