Why I Donate 3% Of My Etsy Sales To Kiva.org

Kiva is a non profit organization that connects entrepreneurs in developing countries with people who want to help. The process of funding loans for people lacking access to banking is called micro-finance. Field agents in 69 developing countries find entrepreneurs in need and create online loan profiles for them at Kiva.org. Through Kiva you can fund these micro-finance loans in $25 increments.

I made my first Kiva loan in 2007. Currently, I have re-loaned my money to 65 times to women all around the globe (I choose to lend to women but men are also eligible). Since its inception in 2005, Kiva’s 1,438,984 users have funded $446,047,375 in loans while maintaining a 99% loan repayment rate. It is truly amazing what can accomplish when we work together.

I have two goals with The Tiny Bee.

1. Support myself doing something I love.

2. Use my business as a platform to make the world a better place.

So that is why I donate 3% of all my Etsy sales to Kiva. I want to share my success and give others the opportunity to support themselves doing something they love, because everyone deserves to be happy.

Come join my lending team and Kiva will give you your first $25 loan for free*.

Want to see more on how Kiva works? Watch Below:

(*new users only, limited time offer )

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