Which Social Media is Best for What You Sell?

I found this great article to help you decide which social media is best for the products you sell. I’m signing myself up for a tumblr tonight! Thanks G.B.

Attention Getting

by G.B. Oliver

There are so many social media sites available right now, that to try and be on all of them effectively is a huge endeavor for a small business.  But the truth is not all social media is right for all types of products.

Social Media Tips

These are the most popular social media platforms in general, based on the number of searches each month on Google:

  • Facebook – 3.76 billion searches each month
  • YouTube – 755 million searches each month
  • Twitter – 124 million searches each month
  • Pinterest – 16.6 million searches each month
  • Tumblr – 13.6 million searches each month
  • Instagram – 9.1 million searches each month

Keep in mind that Pinterest and Instagram have only been in existence a few  years so they are still growing in popularity.

Now, I was curious to see which social media people are using to search for which types of products, so…

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